Presentation railway wagon


AT RPC "TRANSMASH" presented new cars

Lugansk 17.10.2012

On the next day, after President Viktor Yanukovych visited Lugansk research and production center "Transmash", the company held an official presentation of prototypes railway tank wagon for transportation of petroleum of 15-9857 model and universal rail freight gondola car of 12 – 9929 model. It was attended by partners and fellow mechanical engineers from Germany, Belarus, Mongolia, Kyiv, Kremenchuk, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Krivoy Rog, Kharkov, Lugansk, representatives of local authorities.

DSC_2400_smallThe general director of RPC "Transmash", the honored worker of the industry of Ukraine, Ph.D. Sergei Mokrousov told about new products, plans and prospects of the plant. He noted that the year of 2012 was significant for "Transmash" that mastered the mass production of bogies and brake equipment for rolling stock, put into operation a foundry where the progressive process of molding on gasified models had been launched. Now there are works to be done to prepare equipment for vacuum-film forming. Finally, the pre-production models of freight cars and tank cars were made. In the nearest future development and production of 7 types of railway cars and tanks are expected.

The plans for the future are to modernize locomotives ЧMЭ3 and M62 with the option of hybrid power modules, to develop and manufacture a high-speed truck, to take part in the production of railway platforms. This year specialists of the Electronic Equipment Department produced over a thousand of electronic components and systems for 10 different versions upon the request of colleagues from PC "Luganskteplovoz", as well as plants in Russia and Latvia. The Planning and Design Technology Bureau of rolling stock, which unites the company specialists and leading scientists and practitioners of the industry, performs active work to create new types of rolling stock with innovative solutions.

This year plant workers - continued S.D. Mokrousov - submitted 35 applications for alleged inventions, published 27 scientific articles, the third volume of the monograph "Modern train cars building" and the 10th number of the popular magazine "Transmash". Works are continued to be performed on the landscaping, repair, reconstruction and equipping of modern amenity rooms, canteen and medical clinic. For the convenience of factory employers working the second shift, in June the company purchased one more bus, which will improve home delivery of workers after the end of the shift.

At the presentation the head of the eastern branch of the "Tseppelin" Frank Winkler, Vice-President of "Interkargroup" (Krivoy Rog) Kuzhavsky Nikolay, Chief Finance Manager of PC "Luganskteplovoz" Adylzhan Dzhuraev, Director of the plant "Ukrzheldorsnab" Rafail Rafailov, Chairman of the Zhovtnevyi District Council Vladimir Rodionov gave a speech.

Everybody wished success to colleagues and partners, and expressed confidence in the further productive and mutually beneficial cooperation. The Chairman of the Zhovtnevyi District Council V.A. Rodionov highlighted significance of the development of the regional industrial potential, thanked the staff of "Transmash" for contribution to the improvement of living standards of citizens, for the repair of asphalt roads and landscaping of the adjacent territory to the company, and called for closer cooperation in solving problems of the community.

SD.Mokrousov_smallConcluding the presentation, S.D. Mokrousov said:

- All results are not easy to achieve. They are attained by the enormous effort of the staff in the situation of permanent deficit of means. But we have big plans, and we will continue our work to achieve new successes with colleagues and partners. This is a key to our prosperity and prosperity of the whole country.