Presidents visit



For the railways of Ukraine

The President  stands for the innovative path of manufacturing development.

DSC_2175_smallOn the 16th of October the President of Ukraine V.F. Yanukovych visited research and productive center “Transmash” at Lugansk, where he inspected the range of products which is manufactured by enterprise, viewed the factory production, took part in the opening of new workshop of breaking equipment for traction and rolling stock. The president paid special attention to the first prototype of freight car and tank wagons, which production “Transmash” had mastered. The president of Ukraine had the honor to turn on the machine and to start manufacturing process of a brake valve at the workshop of brake fittings, which is equipped with the most modern machining centers and with programming lathe, moreover with assembly and test equipment of its own design and manufacture. A new shop, which project was developed by factory design and engineering service, and constructive works were carried by its own constructive division, is equipped with automatic heating, ventilation system and air conditioning, meeting the highest standards for the organization and working conditions.

The chairman of RPC “Transmash” the Ph.D. and honored     worker of the industry of Ukraine S. D. Mokrousov familiarized the head of the state with product samples and talked about the future prospects of its development.   According to him the average employer’s salary is approximately 6 000 UAH. Victor Yanukovych also examined a new development for the medical branch – multi-purpose, health-improving module that can be used in physical therapy. The president estimated the achievements of the Transmash team and mentioned that the company is on the right track, building high-tech production of railway equipment and electronic devices, developing a strong engineering and technical bureau of the rolling stock with “Technocentre” and “Incubator of ideas”, attracting leading experts and scientists of the industry, developing and manufacturing innovative products.

- Transmash is updating along with Ukraine, - the president said, DSC_2220_small- only by improving constantly, implementing the energy-saving and high-end technologies, we can achieve success in a highly competitive global community. He wished plant staff to gain new achievements, underlined that helping domestic producers is the foundation of governmental economic policy, and potential investors will get moral and economic effect if support such enterprises as “Transmash”. The president said that the foundation of economy is based on the development of the products with high added value, like those ones, which Transmash releasing.  There are more and more such enterprises,- he told, - and it is a good trend. The head of the state is convinced that it is necessary to develop complex and innovative manufacture which is related with recycling and in order to support it, the government intends to create all necessary conditions.

IMG_7619_smallWhen the President of Ukraine has left S.D. Mokrousov said:

-We are proud that V. Yanukovych, whom we have supported and will support, visited our plant during his visit to Lugansk. We are not ashamed to show everything we’re working for. Indeed, the result of our work is not only the rise of modern industry and the welfare of the working group “Transmash”. It’s a prospect of the well-being of the whole country, which is overcoming difficulties, is on the way to stable and civilized development.