InnoTrans 2012


InnoTrans 2012 

Transmash – challenge to stagnation and crisis

IMG_5893_smallResearch and production center “Transmash” from 18 to 21 September took part in the traditional railway exhibition “InnoTrans 2012”, which was held in Berlin with the slogan “the future of mobility”. More than 2500 exhibitors from 49 countries presented their latest technical developments in railway transport field. Under the slogan “Transmash – challenge to stagnation and crisis” the plant represented the full range of products. Wheel sets, trolley vehicles, braking and electronic equipment, freight car and tank cars caught the attention of the visitors. The experts from plenty of countries appreciated the dynamic growth of production volumes, expanded list of supplies, a wide range and high quality of products, backed by prestigious national and international certificates of quality contests. As the representatives of the official governmental delegation noticed “Transmash” and other relative enterprises presented Ukraine with dignity at this exhibition.

The general director of RPC “Transmash” Ph. D. Sergei Mokrousov told that among the enormous number of different exhibits, the total attention was caught by multisystem locomotive TRAXX F140 produced by Bombardier Transportation company as well as innovative grinding technology “High Speed Grinding”.

“Generally, the exhibition presented technologies that raise the entire system of the railway industry to the new, advanced and innovative level, in order to make it more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and, thus, more productive.  This is also our aim, – maintained Sergei Dmitrievich, – in the capacity of future checkpoint may be mentioned the framework agreement, which was signed during the exhibition between Deutsche Bahn Polish company PESA for the supply of approximately 470 freight cars at a total cost of 1.2 billion euros. I hope that in the nearest future “Transmash” company will also take part in such agreements.